weirdo waldo

from by FRITZ

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weirdo waldo
it’s hard sometimes
to be someone like you
living in a suburb like this
where no one even knows your name
but it is good in a way
because you don’t have to care about
about what you do or what you wear or how you speak and what you make
but could you try and be nice to those around you
I’ve done nothing to hurt you
would you stop hurting me
I don’t want to go back to yours
you dont seem to like me
there is something odd about you
are you from around here?

weirdo waldo
it’s a pity you’re so pretty but so weird
why wont you talk to people
socialise with those of your age
It’s becoming eery
the way you’re staring at me
I feel queasy
I feel uneasy
take it easy
take it easy

you’re just like they described you
pale as a ghost with blood shot eyes
and a hidden scar in the shape of a cross
that you only reveal when wearing short sleeves
which you hardly do
because its winter all year round for you
can we talk things through
were so different yet have so much in common
me and you


from FRITZ, released March 26, 2017




FRITZ Newcastle, Australia

17 y/o girl making songs

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